Simpsons API

tl;dr click here to go to a good episode

This is a minimal Simpsons JSON and redirect API based on the dataset over here. It serves up some basic episode JSON about episodes (if you set the right headers) or redirects to the episode on Simpsonsworld (if you visit a URL in browser). It uses SimpsonsWorld, so a login there is helpful, but they give you a free preview, so hey.

I made this because there are some outstanding Simpsons episodes and some very bad ones. This lets you click the "Show me a random episode" button without fear that you're going to have to accidentally wind up on All Singing, All Dancing.

Still working on full documentation, but here's a taste:

If you want to complain that I marked your favorite episode as bad, please make a pull request or open an issue.

Made by Colin 2019.